Meet the Oakland United Methodist Family

The Oakland United Methodist Church is blessed with members of many talents. Upon receiving Jesus Christ, each of us is blessed by the Holy Spirit with our own unique spiritual gifts. Below you will learn about just a few of the roles that our congregation takes on.

<strong>Rev. John Emigh</strong>
Rev. John EmighPastor

About Pastor John

As a believer first, a husband and father second, and a pastor third, I hope to exemplify the presence of God upon my life. I will work relentlessly to help all people honestly seeking an authentic lifestyle of “faith and works” in relationship to God’s call upon their life. I have a passion for bringing children and youth to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and attempt to do so in a somewhat unorthodox fashion. I have a heart for the sick and will offer comfort whenever possible. I have a desire to move the church towards a ministry of relevance in a society that has dismissed organized religion. I prayerfully want to adhere to the Wesleyan standard “do no harm, do good, and love God.” I would love for you to join me on the journey.

Pastor John graduated from Allegheny college in 1989 with B.S. in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Spanish from Allegheny College.  Immediately upon graduation he was employed as a Computer Programmer for the Department of Defense in Philadelphia and later in Columbus Ohio.
Rev. Emigh began ministry in 1993, serving small rural churches in East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania conferences as a Student Pastor while attending Seminary at Ashland.  He was ordained an Elder in our conference in 2001.
Pastor John’s grandfather was a pastor/evangelist in the EUB church, so Pastor John grew up with a P.K. mother who brought the children up deeply involved in the church.  Some of his best spiritual memories are of the little three point charge his grandfather pastored (in Central PA Conference) and of attending many revival services with his grandfather.
At a relatively young age Pastor John received Christ as Lord and Savior and continued to grow in the Lord, attending Sunday School and church regularly.  During His early to mid twenties God was calling Pastor John to a deeper commitment and closer walk with the Lord.  He answered an altar call at a small country church and was not sure where God was leading him, but was ready for whatever God had in store.  A few years later, being called into the ministry, he left behind his career and former life to become a pastor in the UMC.
Pastor John believes that the Bible is God’s inspired word, that Jesus atoning death on the Cross of Calvary is our only means of salvation, and that the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  He is very Wesleyan in his theology and very proud of our Methodist tradition.
Pastor John and Amy were married in 1991 while he was still employed by the Department of Defense.  They now have three children Becca (15), Mandy (13), and Charity (6).

Meet Our Amazing Team

<strong>Lynn Seyler</strong>
Lynn SeylerAdministrative Assistant
<strong>Verna Carson</strong>
Verna CarsonCustodian
<strong>Patti Thomas</strong>
Patti ThomasChoir Director
<strong>Deanna Kissell</strong>
Deanna KissellPainist
<strong>Mandy Burns</strong>
Mandy BurnsPraise Team Coordinator
<strong>Judy Rearick</strong>
Judy RearickAcolyte Steward
<strong>Chris Bell</strong>
Chris BellSunday School Superintendent/Librarian
<strong>Jack Weber</strong>
Jack WeberUsher Co-Chair
<strong>John Hegedus</strong>
John HegedusUsher Co-Chair
<strong>Woody Horn</strong>
Woody HornAsst Sunday School Superintendent
<strong>Jerry Burns</strong>
Jerry BurnsSunday School Teacher
<strong>Pam Cox</strong>
Pam CoxSunday School Teacher
<strong>Don Rodgers</strong>
Don RodgersSunday School Teacher
<strong>Sharon Hughes</strong>
Sharon HughesSunday School Teacher
<strong>Amanda Reisinger</strong>
Amanda ReisingerYouth Leader
<strong>Kelly Chase</strong>
Kelly ChaseVacation Bible School Coordinator
<strong>Tami Weingard</strong>
Tami WeingardYouth Coordinator
<strong>Joanna McElhattan</strong>
Joanna McElhattanYouth Leader
<strong>John Reisinger</strong>
John ReisingerYouth Leader
<strong>Jody Weaver</strong>
Jody WeaverJr. Youth Coordinator
<strong>Leanna Bell</strong>
Leanna BellJr. Youth Leader
<strong>Ray Fry</strong>
Ray FryVideographer
<strong>Sly Landers</strong>
Sly LandersPhotographer
<strong>Dustin McElhattan</strong>
Dustin McElhattanWebsite Coordinator
<strong>Steve Thomas</strong>
Steve ThomasSound Coordinator
<strong>Susan Saxman</strong>
Susan SaxmanNewsletter Co-Coordinator
<strong>Linda Sollinger</strong>
Linda SollingerNewsletter Co-Coordinator
<strong>Fred Thomas</strong>
Fred ThomasChairman, Church Council
<strong>Barb Thomas</strong>
Barb ThomasChair, Committee on Finance
<strong>Jennifer Fox</strong>
Jennifer FoxChair, Pastor Parish Relations
<strong>Ed McAlevy</strong>
Ed McAlevyTreasurer
<strong>Al Haigh</strong>
Al HaighTrustee
<strong>Steve Thomas</strong>
Steve ThomasChairman, Board of Trustees
<strong>G.C. Fox</strong>
G.C. FoxTrustee
<strong>Jim Frank</strong>
Jim FrankTrustee
<strong>Shirley Gharing</strong>
Shirley GharingTrustee
<strong>Matt Martinec</strong>
Matt MartinecTrustee
<strong>Doug Rogers</strong>
Doug RogersTrustee
<strong>Joyce Speer</strong>
Joyce SpeerTrustee