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Meet the Oakland United Methodist Family

The Oakland United Methodist Church is blessed with members of many talents. Upon receiving Jesus Christ, each of us is blessed by the Holy Spirit with our own unique spiritual gifts. Below you will learn about just a few of the roles that our congregation takes on.

<strong>Rev. Lance Tucker</strong>
Rev. Lance TuckerPastor

About Pastor Lance

Rev. Tucker was born in Warren, PA.  He was adopted at 6 months old and is blessed to understand what being chosen and raised by loving parents meant.  He grew up in Epworth UMC in Warren where he was very involved in its youth program and its ministries.

He held many jobs earlier in his life including general contracting, heavy equipment owner/operator, railroad dismantling, logging, trucking, car dealership general manager, garbage collector, horse farm owner/manager, and sales representative.
In 1999, at the age of 40, he began his journey in pastoral ministry.  He became a Full Time Local Pastor in 2001 while doing the course of study at Wesley Theological Seminary and went on to become an Associate Member of the WPAUMC in 2007.  He has previously served as senior pastor on the Bear Lake/Lottsville Charge, Brockport Charge, Hyndman Larger Parish, and has spent the last 7 years at the 1st UMC of Dubois.  Currently, he serves the Conference as the Chair of Arrangements on Conference Sessions, Head of Conference Safety (including creating and teaching courses on active situations training), and serves on the Board of Directors for Wesley Woods.
His wife Amy is a nurse.  Between the two, they have a blended family of 5 wonderful grown children and 14 grandchildren.  His hobbies include woodworking and he brings with him a well-supplied woodshop with which he has made much of his own furniture and some of the furniture utilized at annual conference.  His other hobby is cooking BBQ with his 5 smokers and he and Amy have a fully functional food truck.  

Meet Our Amazing Team

<strong>Lynn Seyler</strong>
Lynn SeylerAdministrative Assistant
<strong>Verna Carson</strong>
Verna CarsonCustodian
<strong>Patti Thomas</strong>
Patti ThomasChoir Director
<strong>Deanna Kissell</strong>
Deanna KissellPainist
<strong>Mandy Burns</strong>
Mandy BurnsPraise Team Coordinator
<strong>Judy Rearick</strong>
Judy RearickAcolyte Steward
<strong>Chris Bell</strong>
Chris BellSunday School Superintendent/Librarian
<strong>Jack Weber</strong>
Jack WeberUsher Co-Chair
<strong>John Hegedus</strong>
John HegedusUsher Co-Chair
<strong>Woody Horn</strong>
Woody HornAsst Sunday School Superintendent
<strong>Jerry Burns</strong>
Jerry BurnsSunday School Teacher
<strong>Pam Cox</strong>
Pam CoxSunday School Teacher
<strong>Don Rodgers</strong>
Don RodgersSunday School Teacher
<strong>Sharon Hughes</strong>
Sharon HughesSunday School Teacher
<strong>Amanda Reisinger</strong>
Amanda ReisingerYouth Leader
<strong>Kelly Chase</strong>
Kelly ChaseVacation Bible School Coordinator
<strong>Tami Weingard</strong>
Tami WeingardYouth Coordinator
<strong>Joanna McElhattan</strong>
Joanna McElhattanYouth Leader
<strong>John Reisinger</strong>
John ReisingerYouth Leader
<strong>Jody Weaver</strong>
Jody WeaverJr. Youth Coordinator
<strong>Leanna Bell</strong>
Leanna BellJr. Youth Leader
<strong>Ray Fry</strong>
Ray FryVideographer
<strong>Sly Landers</strong>
Sly LandersPhotographer
<strong>Dustin McElhattan</strong>
Dustin McElhattanWebsite Coordinator
<strong>Steve Thomas</strong>
Steve ThomasSound Coordinator
<strong>Susan Saxman</strong>
Susan SaxmanNewsletter Co-Coordinator
<strong>Linda Sollinger</strong>
Linda SollingerNewsletter Co-Coordinator
<strong>Fred Thomas</strong>
Fred ThomasChairman, Church Council
<strong>Barb Thomas</strong>
Barb ThomasChair, Committee on Finance
<strong>Jennifer Fox</strong>
Jennifer FoxChair, Pastor Parish Relations
<strong>Ed McAlevy</strong>
Ed McAlevyTreasurer
<strong>Al Haigh</strong>
Al HaighTrustee
<strong>Steve Thomas</strong>
Steve ThomasChairman, Board of Trustees
<strong>G.C. Fox</strong>
G.C. FoxTrustee
<strong>Jim Frank</strong>
Jim FrankTrustee
<strong>Shirley Gharing</strong>
Shirley GharingTrustee
<strong>Matt Martinec</strong>
Matt MartinecTrustee
<strong>Doug Rogers</strong>
Doug RogersTrustee
<strong>Joyce Speer</strong>
Joyce SpeerTrustee

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