About the Handyman Ministry

The Handyman Ministry is a project that started at Oakland in 2015. This ministry is a program that is designed to provide help to those in the community who have a need. Whether you are a single mother, an elderly person with limited mobility, are suffering from an illness or injury, or have any other circumstances that require assistance, this ministry is available to you. While the Venango-Hatchie project often involves more significant construction projects, such as installing new roofs and building structures, the Handyman Ministry is able to meet your smaller, more frequent needs. Projects include gutter cleaning, lawn and yard maintenance, landscaping, snow and ice removal, changing light bulbs, and other small repairs.
Not sure if your need qualifies? Contact the Handyman Ministry and we will discuss your problem with you!

Available to those in need of yard work, snow removal, minor home repairs, winter prep, and more!